El-Salam PaperMill was established in 1978 and started production over 29 years ago, and it is considered one of the pioneers in the paper industry in Egypt. It was modified and expanded twice; the first modification was in 1997 to obtain the capability of producing duplex cardboard (Normal Type), and increasing the production. The second modification was executed in 2009 in order to adjoin coating to the cardboard and to increase the production as well. El-Salam PaperMill has the capability to produce all types of cardboard (Coatedboard – Uncoatedboard – White Top – Fluting – Test-Liner – Multicolor of Bristol and Manilla ) through all grammages between 125 and 400 GSM. El-Salam PaperMill now after the second modification is fully automated and working with the latest and most recent electronics control automation regarding the paper machines and converting sheets cutting. The products of El-Salam PaperMill comply with the international technical and mechanical standards which is achieved through the continuous modification, development, and modernization of the paper machinery and the quality of the control system. El-Salam PaperMill has reached a level of quality that allows it to compete with the most famous paper producers in the world.